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Q. How can i place an order or find out more information on your products?
A. For ordering or information contact a sales rep at 1.800.843.3467

Q. Your Fall-Ez™ mat looks like a gym mat, is it one?
A. Absolutely NOT. Our mat is specially designed by clinitians ant therapists as a preventative device for "high risk" residents.

Q. How do i clean my mat?
A.Your mat can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water

Q. Can I walk on the mat?
A. Yes, the Fall-Ez mat is anti-slip and perfectly safe to walk on.

Q. How big is the mat?
A. The mat is 30" wide, 70" long and is 2" thick. When folded for storage, the dimensions are 30"x35"x4".

Q. Where can I buy Fall-Ez
A. There are several ways to order, please visit our contact page for additional information.